Integrative Somatic Therapy

Integrative Somatic Therapy is a personal and mindful sensory awareness practice of self-discovery, healing, and learning. It is a blend of the many disciplines I have studied and practiced over thirty years. It is a way of finding your own path in life through paying close attention to your body: noticing what you sense and feel, and how you move in response to your sensory perceptions.

You are not like anyone else, and neither is your body. We each posseses a unique intelligence for health. Your physical body reflects how you move through your life: your attitudes, your desires and fears, your habits, your history. All your life experiences have included movement, fundamentally linking the brain and the body in a complex but remarkable working relationship. By helping you pay close attention to the ways in which you move, I show you how to change the things that may get in the way of expressing your spontaneous, intelligent, and unique self. Are you in physical pain? There is a most likely a way you are moving that you are unaware of that contributes to your discomfort. Do you wish you could run a little faster, reach a little higher, or simply get up and down from the floor more easily? There are ways to improve your ability that you haven't figured out yet. Are you recovering from an injury? I can help enhance the healing process. Do you suffer from insecurity, depression, or feeling disconnected from yourself? Learning to feel the physical sensations of joy and lightness will help. If you simply would like to feel happier in your body, I can give you the tools that can open your awareness and provide a path to follow.

Although I have studied many disciplines, my practice primarily integrates three pathways: The Feldenkrais® methods of Functional Integration® and Awareness Through Movement®, and Craniosacral Therapy as taught by the Upledger Institute.


My intention is to help you feel better, stronger, clearer, more comfortable with yourself, and more easily able to adapt to our changing world. Everyone deserves to live life to their fullest potential, and to be able to do the things that bring ease and joy. By offering tools that improve your movement and awareness, Integrative Somatic Therapy helps many different conditions. You can:

• learn better posture

• eliminate chronic pain - from headaches to back pain to shoulder discomfort

• recover from injuries more quickly

• improve athletic performance

• have a more flexible back

• find relief from joint problems such as TMJ, hip, knee, or shoulder arthritis, and chronic or acute bursitis

• change repetitive use habits that cause pain

• gain relief from fibromyalgia, plantar fascitis, or tensor fascia lata pain

• walk more easily

• improve your balance

• decrease anxiety

• enhance your creativity

• feel more centered, grounded and calm