What People Say

Deborah Page has totally changed my self-image. She has helped me to move with confidence. I am not yet walking, but I can do many things independently while in the wheelchair. I can make a queen size bed, can handle my clothes in the walk-in closet, can get on and off the bed, and can move to the commode from the bed. In addition I am able to heat food in the microwave, and can use the refrigerator, including getting to the front part of the freezer. With some help, I can take a shower, using a transfer chair that extends into the shower from the outside.

Being able to perform these functions independently allows me to be at home alone over several hours. We have a fairly steep ramp from the house door to the paved driveway. My arms and legs get a workout going up and down the ramp. I am able to transition from a wheelchair to the car with the use of a transfer board.

Deborah has changed my life. I am 87 years old, and with her assistance, have been able to continue to live a full life.

Suzie Reifler
As a yoga practitioner and instructor Deborah's Awareness Through Movement® class has been very helpful to my practice. She teaches in a calm and clear way, facilitating the deep body awareness essential to a yoga practice. After attending one of Deborah's recent classes I noticed that in my yoga practice and my daily life I was better able to center myself physically and emotionally. I highly recommend Deborah's class for the relaxation, awareness and insight I gain each time I attend.

Mary Cline Golblitz

The Feldenkrais Method® changed the way I move and opened up new paths to self knowledge and awareness. I now move with greater attention and coordination, and know more efficient ways of moving as a result of this work.

Sue McClatchy

As the normal challenges of aging began to affect the quality of movements I had always taken for granted, I was advised to accept the limitations—go a bit slower, a bit more carefully. In Awareness Through Movement class I learned that “limitations” never needed to include pain, and I could learn to recognize the habits that were in the way of full use of my body. Every class brings another level of awareness, without struggle, without pain. Every class brings an “aha” and sometimes a giggle of delight as I realize that even if I have to adjust a movement, I can still do it, and it can still feel great.
Weslea Sidon

I am grateful to Deborah first and foremost for introducing me to Feldenkrais®. Through Deborah, I have found the most effective and empowering means of bringing easeful clarity to my body, brain, and nervous system. She has not only helped me immensely on a personal level, but on a professional level as well: A year ago I had never heard of Feldenkrais! But after working with Deborah one-on-one and in group classes, and after taking workshops with her teacher at the Feldenkrais Institute of NYC, I am excitedly exploring options for four-year Feldenkrais training programs after I graduate from College of the Atlantic.

Whether for studies, for healing, or simply for pleasure, Deborah has always made time to meet with her full presence of care and intention, even when she has a very full plate. While instructing, she holds the safest of spaces, balancing openness and lightheartedness with firmness and communication, and she speaks from her own experiences with honesty and insight.

Student, Age 22